Corporate Events

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The experience we have accumulated over the years prepares us to meet all your expectations in the corporate event management spectrum. Our formidable team is armed with a bevy of ideas that will match any budget. We ensure smooth working from start to end. Our team will competently resolve everything from slight glitches to complex conundrums. A sales’ team meet, an award ceremony or an HR initiative – we will do it all. Snowfox Corporate Events division in Bangalore organizes and implements meetings, annual meetings, inauguration ceremonies etc. It lets you be tension free as we present endless portfolio of corporate event management for corporate group outings, annual meetings, customer meetings and corporate inauguration ceremonies. Our event organisers in Bangalore are highly admired by our clients for offering the best and most dependable services.

Seminars and Conferences

Corporates plan and execute meetings with their audience and target them with relevant information. Usually shorter events are called Seminars that lasts for a couple of hours or a whole day. They have one or more than one speakers and keep all participants together in the same space.
Conferences typically have more than one session that happens at the same time. They are held at hotels, begin with a keynote session and then hold breakout sessions by topic. A conference is planned more than one day.

Trade Shows

Corporates conducts trade shows to generate leads or host one to reinforce their image in the industry as a leader.In trade shows, event planning involves sponsorship rates for booth space, opportunity to talk about your company, advertising and promotion activities at the event.We also assure the logistics like promotional materials, decorations and workforce arrive on time for your company’s event.

Executive Retreats and Incentive Programs

This program lasts typically between three to five days and requires a lot of planning and executing. This includes site selection, lodging, transportation, catering, meetings or golf and other activities. This is where usually the money is spend on per person basis. Negotiation skills are very important for this program because it involves all aspects of event planning. Snowfox Event organisers in Bangalore strategically engage your target audience by integrating the core values of your Brand or Business.